Document Management

Increasing digitalization has lead to an exponential growth in business content. And, managing this sea of data, often unstructured, is no mean task. Newgen OmniDocs Document Management system is a one-stop solution for all your document management needs. It enables you to create, capture, manage, distribute, and archive different forms of content.

Operating on the underlying Virtual Repository Services, OmniDocs orchestrates multiple content repositories across your enterprise to leverage context-based content searches and views. Additionally, our integration adaptors and open standards help connecting multiple repositories and file systems.

Process Modeler

Our web-based, drag and drop process modeler allows you to design intelligent business processes by facilitating real-time collaboration between business and IT users. The modeler provides different contextual views of a process to various process stakeholders, making it simpler for them to participate and gain consensus.

Communication Designes

Process Insights is a core component of OmniFlow iBPS. It enables you to optimize business processes by analyzing historical data and by creating real-world business scenarios. Using Process Insights, you can analyze future trends and predict the impact of strategic and tactical changes.

Our easy-to-use composition designer enables you to design highly personalized and engaging communications with its rich graphics capabilities. The designer supports various types of graphs, charts, tables, hyperlinks and annotations such as highlight, red-action, stamps and others. Moreover, it empowers users with multi-lingual support, layering support, and dictionary for language translation.